Our independence is your advantage.

Independence has been a central theme for Hauer – the elevatorshop ever since the company was founded. The varied product portfolio that we offer customers via our wide-ranging spare parts search options is based on this conscious business decision.

Our elevatorshop stocks lift spare parts from all the major manufacturers, such as Kone, Otis, Schindler and Thyssen, for example as well as many other alternative component manufacturers.

Increased choice with consistently high quality standards.

Hauer – networking is your advantage.

Our in-depth, cross-sector expertise is based on over 20 years of experience – and guarantees rapid access to spare parts.

At Hauer, solidarity with companies in the elevator sector means that spare parts are exclusively supplied to firms and not to end customers.

Lift companies that buy their spare parts from the elevatorshop have been relying on our experience and the quality of our product provision for many years.

At Hauer, the customer is our focus and our service is aimed at them. Our claim to fairness is evidenced by our long-term collaboration with our customers and suppliers.

Moving forward –
Hauer spare parts ensure future mobility.


Hauer – the elevatorshop was founded by the Hauer family over 20 years ago. The SME expanded to become a European market leader by specialising in the supply of spare parts for the elevator sector. Since then, Hauer – the elevatorshop has stood for innovation and tradition in a world where everything is changing and quality needs to be upheld.

Hauer Customers Placeholder
Hauer Customers

Hauer – worldwide

Our spare parts find their own way to the most remote destinations – around the globe. No distance is too great for us when its comes to quality.
(Panama, for example, pictured on the right)

Frau Leonhardt und Herr Besemer sorgen seit 2013 ? bei der Firma Hauer für innovative Impulse. Sie führen das Unternehmen und vereinen Tradition mit neuem unternehmerischen Denken. Gemeinsam prägen sie die neue Strategie des Unternehmens.

Our core values – our Philosophy



At Hauer, we maintain trusting relationships, both internally and with our customers.
We are a fair and reliable partner.



Here at Hauer, we treat each other in a friendly and appreciative manner.
Because we want to be treated the same way.



We plan and work in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner. Sustainability is a core principle of our corporate strategy.



We respect human rights within our company and with our suppliers.
Open dialogue with staff is important to us.

Equal opportunities


Here at Hauer, we stand for equal opportunities for men and women,
and encourage our staff to achieve their potential.